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Operational Flexibility

Empanel your own vendors & long-standing service providers who can quote directly on the system. Automate negotiations life cycle. Reduce turn-around time effectively and witness hard-core savings.


Audit Friendly, Transparent, Real-Time

Automate logistics process, streamline operational workflow. Upload consignment specific details and communicate seamlessly with your channel partners. Migrate to LogBids and unleash the true potenital of your logistics process, today!

Our Features

Features, Services and surround applications encompassed in the suite.

Multi Device Compatibility

Run LogBids on major OS and browsers without compatibility issues and scale your utility organically.


Use analytics to predict and prevent hindrances and take mitigating measures wherever necessary.

Process Automation

Effectively automate your negotiations life cycle and optimally use the services to digitize tedious engagements.

Operational Flexibility

Choose from a set of utility preferences nature of your bid selection, payment terms and much more.

Customized Allocation

Ensure your freight reaches the right place at the right time and carry out your logistics function with ease.

Archive Capabilities

Maintain quarter-wise data for auditing, referral calls and occasionally, root cause analysis.

Client Service

Opt for Managed services portfolio for your variant of LogBids and ensure optimum output through dedicated relationship management and support.


Domestic Consignments

Extend your outreach to the right service providers catering to your precise domestic requirements for your requistion and negotiation automation.

International Consignments

Reach out to your empanelled service providers for best-in-class rates and centralized requisition mapping for your Import-Export consignments by Air or, by Sea.

Our Managed Services


Guided Sourcing & Dedicated Support

Your business process is important to us. Empanel your service providers & leave the requisition & rate schedules on us to optimally map the costs of your logistics consignments. Ensure optimum negotiation through integrated auction & compliance modules. Effectively outsource your rate capturing & ensure that your enterprise has exposure to optimum & transparent quotes every stepof the way.

On-Site Deployment & Implementation

A majority of the functions are catered to in the Platform-as-a-Service module (PaaS) of logbids. However,when it comes to bulk scheduling & service upgrades, it is beneficial to work in tandem with the pre-existing logistics team on the ground. Lynkerosft ensures its customer success through effective deployment of consultants on ground that ensure maximum output through induced transparency & last-mile connectivity for rate schedules.

Advantages of LogBids Implementation


The Shipper

There's lots you can gain with an optimum engagements with LogBids. The entire offering is designed to ensure smooth transition in the logistics handling process of your enterprise and ensuring last mile connectivity with your serive providers and engage in platform supported interactions with stakeholders who help you run your business. A few quantifiable advantges are listed below:

  • Domestic & International Requisiton Mappinng
  • Centralized Vendor & Quotation Management
  • Automated Negotiations
  • Service Provider Empanelment
  • Process Transparency and Management Intimations
  • Workflow Automation & Managed Services
  • Robust Savings
  • Analytics and Reporting

The Service Provider

The core essence of the offering is to ensure streamlined integrations and last-mile connections with your customers. The system is designed to ensure deeper engagement with your shipping customers and helps you plan your dispatch cycle, understand client specifications and delegated fleet management. The system effectively encompasses the following features :

  • Increased capacities, fullfillment and Outreach Mechanisms
  • Integrated Fleet Tracking and Route Optimizations
  • Exposure to pool of Service Providers
  • Service Provider Empanelment
  • Streamline business Channels
  • Optimized return Journey planning
  • Workflow automation
  • Analytics and Reorting

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LogBids is the easiest way for organization to manage and automate their Logistics Process and move a step closer to systemic order & transparency.